Monday, January 31, 2011

Spelling Out Life... with Penang


Now I'm Penang! Wuhoo!

So far, I've eaten 2 kinds of food:

1. Penang food:

Char Kueh Tiao, Kak Kao something, Fried Oyster, Laksa Penang, Popiah, Cendol, Hainanese Chicken, PRAWN NOODLES!

2. Hometown food:

Telinga babi kicap, Sup babi with buah terung masam (AWESOME), babi kicap, cili kicap, senamu (but I think my mum's version is way better!) kangkung belacan...

Damn nice!!!!!!

So yea.


Spelling Out Life... with kind words

"People back home prophecied I'll not only come to Malaysia to finish my studies but for something else. Almost 4 months I've been here and I ask God what it is. After spending the whole day with you and your family, I know now that I come to Malaysia for you. I believe that very strongly of God's call for me to meet you. I don't know why but I know I come for you. You are very different compared to the other women I've ministered before. You are special in so many ways, Joy."

- Sharon Ann J.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Spelling Out Life... with Cat





Seriously, do I?

Spelling Out Life... with Thanksgiving #1


So far, I'm thanking God for the love and attention from my dearest friends and family. :)

I thank God for awesome experience with my PERKEB friends last 20th January 2011! From falling from the kayak in the icky green lake, *HAHAHAHA*, to using 2 SEATER BICYCLE!!!! *First time playing that!!!* to singing in a cafe *FIRST TIME DOING THAT TOO!* to watching Faster the movie... Really great day!

22nd Jan, having dinner with Dee and some of our friends in La Bodega is really nice! Aside from going to Frangipani in Changkat Bukit Bintang, we went to Neway Times Square too! Pretty much a whole load of money used there! UGH! Nevermind still.... we're there to bless Dee with our presence. I'm glad she had fun! :)

today, flying frisbee with a whole load of people today! :D the most memorable thing I had today was "Hey.. Thanks for motivating me. You're a good motivator." :DDDD I was just helping him with his throw and I never knew he'd say those kind words! :) He played really well after a few times! Fast learner! :)


Aside from that, I was stressing out over little things. 1, lighting! 2. I'm planning to reshuffle the whole placing of the stage, PA and VIP seat stuff.. Dear Lord, PLEASE help! PLEASE LET THIS EVENT BRING GLORY TO YOUR NAME! I AM NOTHING WITHOUT YOU! :( HELP. HELP. HELP.


Michelle Hee says I look like a cat.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Spelling Out Life... with God's Heart

Lord, Lord,
now I know what breaks You. I'm REALLY sorry.
now I feel what breaks You.
You've shown me personally that, pretty much CLEARLY.
and God, it hurts so much. It hurts me so much!

Lord, Lord,
I give up on my stupid slow self. Teach me more about You.
Teach me how to reach out and stop being such a coward.
Use me tremendously in the Council, in my class, in my daily activities.
I give up being nobody in my college.
I give up being quiet in You.
Teach me.
You've broken my heart into seeing things that are possibly wrong and
You've shown me how those break You, instead.

Lord, Lord
please use me.
please. I know I'm foolish in so many ways
but teach me. Teach me to love. Teach me to worship You like never before.

I really am broken.
Thank You Lord for making me feel what hurts You.
Thank You.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Spelling Out Life... with Disappointments

Shoving people expectations and then wrecking it in the end was what I did.
Showing signs of moving on and actually doing it is what I'm doing.
Seeking God in the midst of it all and practicing what I do is what I'm doing now.
I'm just a little disappointed in some people, that's all.

It has been my fault from the start, I admit it.
But I never knew you of all people never approach me after my mistakes!
Yes, I made stupid decisions, I never knew I'm now the stranger in your eyes.
Yes, a stranger.
It has been 16 days of New Year and you never once said "Hie Joy, how are you?" or even "Happy New Year" OR POKE ME on FB for goodness sake! Thank YOU for the moral support by not supporting me ever since.

Appreciation Note
Thank God for UKM seniors and some close MIRI-UKM-JOHOR-ICC friends who are kind enough to deal with my random character and they still have a wee hope in me that I'll change certain ways of how I carry myself, you know. They know certain steps I take are considered stupid now but they just advice me now and then just to kick the sense out of me, but hey, that's more than what I've prayed for! I learn every now and then, I see things from different perspective now and then; But the best part of all, I know I'm growing and I approach things differently now because of their supports and love. I thank God for every cautious minds on me! At least I know I still have a space in their heads. At least I know they won't forsake and leave me alone when I might or might not do stupid things again. At least I know they still care despite of it all. At least I'm no stranger.


Thank you. I'll wait and count until the day you say hie. :)
Even if you do say hie after reading this post, I'll treat you the same as before. Don't worry. You're not a stranger to me coz the whole time, you are family.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Spelling Out Life... with Resolution

Hah. Realization hits when it's time to list down my desires for this year. Let's see if it does align with Daddy above. :)

in the year 2011, I'd like to:
1. do wall climbing on my 21st, with friends and families.
2. Go Singapore before 2012.
3. Win an award or something. I don't know what would that be.
4. Finish up the whole Bible.
5. Serve in other ministries in church.
6. Have really stable finance.
7. Have more open doors for my calling.
8. Experience at least 10 new things in this year.
9. Appreciate my faraway friends more. :)
10. NOT have a boyfriend.

that's about it, I think. :)
Have faith.

toodles lovely,

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Spelling Out Life... with Beautifully made Self

He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the hearts of men; yet they cannot fathom what God has done from beginning to end.

[Eccle 3:11]

This is a promise He gave me when I was doubting Him.
I just knew THAT was His voice.

What an awesome Lord I love

Spelling Out Life... with Love!

Tolong ingatkan aku
Kisah ku tersedar
Dengan kasih memeluk rasa
Ku teringatkanmu
Setiap detik jantungku berdetak
Setiap nota jiwaku berlagu-lagu

Tolong ingatkan aku kisah kita
Tolong ingatkan aku
Kisah ku tersedar
Dengan kasih memeluk rasa

Tolong ingatkan aku
Kisah kita

Often of times, we forget things and take things for granted... So I just want to share how we do need to remind one another about each other! A close friend of mine, Syiqah, dedicated this song "Tolong Ingatkan Aku" on my facebook just now cause we were talking about boys and all, you know, chick stuff. HAHAHA. I gave her some advices, not that I've been any good of example when it comes to relationship, and I don't know la, she just gave me this song. To remind her, when the time comes, the time comes and we don't have to rush into anything. :)

To any lovers out there, remind one another about your love towards one another. Make your spouse fall in love with you everyday like you have never met her before! Make yourself interesting enough for your spouse to look forward too. Don't think that "hey, he/she will stick around. so I'm good. it's okay if he/she meets someone more interesting coz they are not going anywhere!". WRONG! Sorry to say, the moment you think that way, that's the moment you make yourself look so cheap that can be easily be swaped by new items, baby. But of course, it's not more about you being so insecure but it's more about your part keeping the love alive. I've been through that phase before and it wasn't a pretty view soon after. Heh. So yea, keep reminding your beloved that you love them, by 1, you living your life like it is dying, 2, you act upon your words, 3, you try something new every once in awhile and share that experience and 4, find mutual attraction on certain activities and run it together. :)

But then again, who am I to say?

To those who are still looking for love or shall I say "Single", like me. All the single people just need to remind one another that life still goes on no matter what. HAH! When the time comes, the time comes. At the mean time, we just need to mold our characters to be our best self and who knows, that may make us somebody's The One one day. We have nothing to lose by molding ourself, no?

A year break is what I'm taking now.
I still need to make re-adjustment on certain issues in my life.
:) Ah, I feel so crappily ready for God's work this year,
do pray along that I'll make it through well again in a new year.

Toodles Readers!

"Live what you Love"

Friday, January 7, 2011

Spelling Out Life... with Discipline

I know the Lord is teaching me discipline in the little things He is giving me since Christmas. It's been tough sometimes but I'm getting a hang of it currently.

The discipline to:
2. Have a silent period
3. Not swear internally often.
4. Give thanks to God daily
5. be patient in SO many things
6. come to class although I still have holiday moods
7. TAKE NOTES in class! Hahahaha
8. dress decently
9. fast and pray
10. eat in college more. LOLLLLLLLL

Oh man, I tell you, so hard to do all those at first but somehow by His grace, I can actually do all these without burden! Hah! Awesome right?

I'm still learning.

Amen. :)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Spelling Out Life... with worries

i'm worried now.

Spelling Out Life... with Ngong-ness


I'm bumped out. MOHE is giving out scholarship this week and I screwed last sem's result badly. I wanna cry. :(((

I'm sad.

I'm stressed out.

I want that scholarship.

so does everyone else. :(

but they have way higher chances to get it. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Spelling Out Life... with patience

ever since NC, God really is teaching me patience badly.
He brought me crazy people like Paul, Varreni, my parents, my classmates and so many more.

now, i'm sad.

why do people leave when you're on the brink of cloud nine? why does God make people leave? to find how important they are and not take them for granted? geez, it's just few months away, so i should snap out of it. *snapping away* haha.

one thing, i'm glad we're off the mobile connection. now, i'm back to square one of silent period. LOL. EYESONTHELORD, joy. EYESONTHELORD! hahaahahaahah.. God is so funny. My God is so funny. He just gives me enough to make me happy and not make me go crazy over something.


I think i made the worst announcement just now.


I'm happy. a little.


i think kan, i'm worried/sad over something now. I don't know what is it.


i might have infection in my left eye.


I think i'm going to have a tearful semester. for some reason i have the feeling i would.


I'm sad now. It's just Singapore. but why am i making such a big deal out of it?


Lord, please help me stop thinking bout it? please.


the eye drop is scary. painful. i feel numb.
listening to Dancing With My Father is making me sadder. LOL.

Every night I fall asleep, this is all I ever dream. :(

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Spelling Out Life... with 2011


This year, I commit my college council unto Your hands. I'm scared I don't know how to run some events and what not but carry me through, please? I'm stupid, i'm slow, I'm nobody but please make Yourself shown by using me in my weaknesses.

This year, I commit my studies unto Your hands. I'm scared I might mess up again. Give me a heart of understanding and the drive to study so that I can be a testimony in the eyes of the lecturers. Let them find favour in me.


This year, I hope that You'll always challenge my unnecessary attitudes so that I may become more like You. Give me a heart of servanthood, wisdom, humility, self-control and discipline. Break my heart so that I always put You first in everything I do. Remind me daily of Your love, oh Lord.


1 thing I ask, please break me and mold me according to Your will. Never let me go. I want to know You more.


whatever personal life i'm having now kan God, let me see You work in the midst of it. Please please please give me a heart of discernment to know what is right or wrong or what is good for me and so on. AGAIN, i'm pretty much stupid, but please teach me wisdom in the decisions that I make daily.



I commit my 2011, my daily activities, my studies, my family, my friends, my relationships, my heart, my mind, my soul unto Your hands. Break me into pieces and shape me into somebody that You want me to become. Thank You Lord Jesus.

I ask that Your Spirit gives me the courage, the will, patience, understanding, wisdom, joy, peace, love, goodness, kindness, grace, faith and support the whole year through.

In Jesus name,