Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Spelling Out Life... With Thanksgiving!

Mind you, I just had the best letter I have in life by far! HAHAHAHAHa.. A warning email by my Hubungan Etnik lecturer on monday 26th Oct...
The problem was nobody in my group sent our group assignment in yet!

Crazy kan?

Anyway, the whole story happened when everybody thought that Person A is sending it. But Person A thought Person B is doing it. So, ended up, Person C and D gleefully living life without knowing anything UNTIL THE COMMANDMENT ARRIVED! At the end of the day, Person D sent all the work to Person B for some editing and left Person C to compile and arranged everything and sent it back to Person B for last check up before sending it in to professor. Did u know, my assignment due date is extended to 29 Oct while the actual due date was 2 weeks before? HAHAHAHHA. Worry not, we are sending everything by today. :D


I seriously couldn't imagine if I lost 30marks in that assignment! 30 marks, fyi, is not easy to gain!

Spilling out of thanksgiving.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Spelling Out Life... With Angels

I stumbled upon Angels by Hillsong in my Itunes.
Such beautiful lyrics, angelic melody and its pleasing to ponder upon.

Here is the lyric:

Words and Music by Marty Sampson

The holiest place there could ever be
All you can do is bow
Before the one who made heaven and earth
Before the Almighty God
For Him alone

Sing with the angels
Sing with the angels
Singing the name of the lord
Singing the name of the lord

For every soul
He gave it all
Given for all of mankind
Eternal life is His alone
Given to all who believe
In Him alone


It is a rather soft side of Hillsong, if you ever listen to the rest of the album. It's like a special twist of lemon in a tea, actually. :) Instantly, I fall in love. How can you not btw? Hehehe. So yea, when I first listened to it, I somehow knew this is officially a song that I might play during my first wedding dance with my husband. *ehem*. It will be a spectacular thing for any pair of married couples to dance together, to start their journey together with this song,

IF the time is there la. LOL.

I'm in love.

Spilling out of Words... :)

Lesson CIE 1 - Brochure

Here is my CIE work. In which we are needed to design a brochure for this CIE class. Practically, I've done one 2 months ago. BUT I was so smart that I didnt save it when I did it in CIE computer lab. hahahahaha. So, here I am, with a new design and I'm LOVING it! :D Who knows I can be a good doll maker! HAHAHAHA..

Spelling Out Life... With a Question

When I thought I could hold on to you. I was wrong?
When I thought I could trust you. I was wrong?
When I thought you could be different. I was wrong?
When I thought you could have chosen friendship over love. I was wrong?
When I thought you could have been there everytime. I was wrong?
When I thought we could be a strong family. I was wrong, I suppose?

I know. Boy, I was wrong. How can I be so naive to think that "Hey, maybe this time, it could be different".

You chose that path and making me feel discarded. I thought it was understandable. But clearly, I was that problem to you. even until now. I shall take my rightful place now. I'm not being emotional. I still have a place for you.

But I'm not sure whether I have a place up in there. Should I be bothered? I don't think you even notice. Glad time is up. Glad enough. Hope you are happy. I do pray so, since that is what you clearly want.

Spilling out of Disappointments.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Spelling Out Life... With a Thought of Two

Life is indeed a love story.

You live because God loves you so much.
You live because He gave Jesus to die for your sins.
You live because He planned it well and good for you.
You live because He lives in you.

What more love story would we want?

There's a girl I know, she is always there to give people a tight bear hug and the warmest biggest grin. She once told me, "You know what, this world needs love. I think we should show it more often." So, reluctantly I just flow along to what she requested me to do. Hands down, it was the best thing I could do for the people around me -- the joy seen on their faces, delightful and pleasing. The one day, I chattered with her "Hey, you could possibly be the best mother and a wife to somebody. Just want you to know that." All she could reply was "Hrmm... Maybe I would. But I don't believe in marriage. Sometimes, you just know the heart that you have on the sleeve can just lose itself from the string and fall off. And at that moment, you'll get nothing in return." Ouch... I know. I tried to console her over and over but she never listens. She was scared and is still fear of commitment... And yes, she did told me that she liked this guy and said how he could be perfect for her, godly enough to bring her to God yet earthly enough to be her best friend, lover and a soulmate for life... But deep down, she knew she's just a friend to him. I tried to convince to her "It's okay. Only time will tell." Sigh. Sometimes, I wish I can tell that to myself. Hahahaha. At the mean time, let us just grow and share the love, like her. Who knows, we might just leave footprints in others' lives without knowing it. Who knows, we might just learn to let things go in the midst of giving love out. Who knows.

Anyway folks, sometimes love is there for people, sometimes love may not appear to us clearly. But love is always there, waiting for us, when we actually wait on it. Be still and know He is god. wait for love. wait for Him. because He is Love.

So, what's your love story?

Spilling out of Words,

Spelling Out Life... With a Heart for You

in the midst of chaotic disruptions
I see myself growing with you
in the midst of maddening growl
you told me to let it go
in the midst of waterfall flows
you said "Just trust Him"... knowing that I'll make it through
in the midst of my inexpressible emotions
you were quiet... understandable
in the midst of it all
i thank you for your big heart
in the midst of it all
i thank Him for you

Spilling out of Words,

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Spelling Out Life... With Short Summary Sem 1 2009/2010

For Semester 1 in UKM

I've been involved in:

1. BSMM - Learnt a lot. Somehow my brain is finally disciplined, a lil. :D
- My team got 2nd in the presentation for Simulasi in Kuantan. Random dance,
singing, and acting on Sometimes, Britney Spears.
- I got the Overall Best Participant award by the BSMM officers. LOL. Didnt expect it
at all!
- I emcee for the Majlis Perasmian BR of KTHO.
- In charge of Technical Department

2. Debate - Learnt to make TONS of friends outside education fac/PERKEB/college! :D
- Learnt to speak up. although I SOMEHOW MISSED A LOT OF TRAINING. urgh.
- I just dont get why I have the desire to stay put when I can't even attend most
- Joined Debate VC-Cup Tournament

3. College's Activities - Convo week Business stuff.
- Pantun Competition
- Help in Bakti Siswa
- Pengarah for Lateral Thinking
- Help in MAP under Protocol
- Emcee during MMP
- Drama team got 3rd place in Inter-college Drama Competition

4. PERKEB - First time worship lead in PERKEB, on 15 Oct 2009.
- My team's performance during F.O.C got number 1! lol.
- Leading the Publicity department for MK 2010.
- Meet a lot of great people!

5. Faculty - Joined Pantun Competition
- Have awesome bunch of classmates.

9 out of 10 are my first time doing them. :D But ALL glory to Him who brought all these to make me grow, stronger. Thank Him for His grace and joy throughout the DOWNS n ups. lol. :D He's forever awesome.

Spilling Out of Words,
Romans 8:26-28 says,

"And the Holy Spirit helps us in our weakness.
For example, we don't know what God wants us to pray for.
But the Holy Spirit prays for us
with groanings that cannot be expressed in words.
And the Father who know all hearts knows what the Spirit is saying,
for the Spirit pleads for us believers in harmony with God's own will.
And we know that God causes everything to work together
for the good of those who love God
and are called according to his purpose for them."