Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Spelling Out Life... with Balance

Hie Hie! Heheheh...

I'm doing alright here! :)

Okay, finally I have some time to wind down before I get too keraiiiziii! hahahaha..

Want to know what happened to me the past 4 weeks of September? If you want to know, go ahead and read. If you don't want to know, read jak la. HAHAHAHA..

Week 1

Orientation for the juniors are held. As usual, there'll be drama from the junior side and the side of the higher authority. My goodness, being the PEANUT BUTTER AND JAM between 2 breads are ANNOYING that week! The juniors got pissed at us for last minute details, we are shoveled with last minute infos by the PC PUSAT.. I consoled 2 juniors during this week... It wasn't easy to put myself in their shoes but I tried la, it ended well, i assume. :) But above all, I thank God that I can be of good examples

Week 2

Orientation Week is over! YEY. Here comes another responsibilities from PERKEB, as you all know, I'm the person in charge of the meeting arrangement with University. It wasn't easy for me to balance it all out when JAKSA and PERKEB this week. I forgot a few infos, I missed certain things but God sustained me, He did. and the best part, He put a lot of great friends to watch over me. :) I pity my beloved cause of my tantrum. I lashed people out of stress. I cried out of stress. I fell out of stress... This is the first time I feel college is not fun anymore. :P

Week 3

VC Cup English debate is here!! Hihihih.. Watching the juniors out is simply de-stressing! I should work as a motivator or trainer in the future wei.. It's actually a miracle to watch how far people grow in a particularly new skill. :) I'm proud of the juniors though this year we didn't break into the quarter. :) They gave out their best in the last speech and yes, I'm proud to see my 2nd juniors train these people too! Arrangement for PERKEB has finally come to places and God has been good la. :P Staying in college is not so bad after all. :) The sad thing for this week was that a friend of mine left Malaysia. :(

Week 4

This week, spending time with my beloved has been a blessing. :) All my favourite angels are graduating and I'm blessed to be able to watch them graduate. They have been such great influence on my side for the past 3 years in UKM la.. :) I'm honoured to know them personally and I'm blessed to have them in my life. :) God bless each and everyone of you. :) Oh yes, the play in UNITEN is so much better than last year's. It's adapted from A Walk to Remember (my favourite movie ever) and the songs played in the theater is so nice! :) Kudos to all of the casts and crews. :) hihihi.. September has come to an end.

Balancing out studies, PERKEB and JAKSA is coming to a picture right now and I don't feel too stress for now. :) It's tough la indeed but I know and believe that He carries me through, though I only see a set of footprints on the ground. :)

Monday, September 19, 2011

Spelling Out Life... with low emotional state of mind

i need a hug.

i need someone to tell me that "ilek la.. its nothing big"

i need someone to tell me that "hey. ur going to be okay. coz He is with you"

i need someone to pinch me and say "dont be such a puss and jump back up, will you???"

i need someone to throw me a bucket of ice water on my face.

i need someone to tell me "ur schedule is not pack. so u will be A-OK"

i need someone to tell me "look unto heaven and see His faithfulness"

i need someone to tell me "the LORD gave you a good break in Penang, remember? so what makes you think He won't carry you through the week?"

I need someone to tell me "chillax"

i need myself to absorb all the things I said above.

Spelling Out Life... with Running Away

I've been running away from my family.

I wish that I don't have this issue.

I wish that Paul didn't bring this up.

I wish that I can love everyone else but treat my family as secondary thing.

I wish that Paul could just shut himself up.

I'm pissed at myself.

God, teach me to look unto heaven.

Spelling Out Life... with unnecessary stress

I guess I've been pushing myself to the point of unnecessary stress. Betul ba. Buduh ba otak sia ni.. cis. hahahaahahah.. kalau sia duduk di luar badan sia kan, semestinya sia ni ckp dgn bdn sia ni "ish. ilek ilek ba. tada apa2 tu..." hahahaahaha..

Council work is done, PERKEB work tinggal satu, class blum mula but I treat myself as if the world is going to end.

"Joy. be still. Look unto heaven."

hmm.. look unto heaven?