Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Spelling Out Life with... His Strength!

Oh boy, it's not easy. It needs constant reminder not to fall back into sexual immoralities, lustful thoughts, speeches and actions. But to make it clear, I have not had sex with anyone ever in my life, which I thank God He had been there preventing me for a good long few years now. Good God he is. :)

So far, I fell a few times, of course, but every day it is a lesson learnt and now, for a good few weeks, I'm free from it! HAHA. I feel clean and it's like a testimony to me! Kudos to me. I do encourage all of you, who have sexual addictions on stuff you shouldn't have, pray for repentance, tell someone about it and come clean. don't fall for hell when heaven is just steps away. :) He will work in you and through you and I'll pray alongside you. :) He helps and He's a forgiving father and He loves you. :)


all glory to God in the highest.