Monday, May 23, 2011

Spelling Out Life... with Work


I'm now working with the *cough* Koreans! Muahahahaah..

They are rather quiet when I'm there AND the best part of all, I'm working in a Bakery! :DDDDD imagine that, Joy, who has zero experience in packing stuff and literally hates packing stuff, ended up doing that for the next 3 months *gasps* hahhahahaha..

kkkkk. busy gila now. But i think it's where I'm supposed to be. :) hugs LORD. :) I love you.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Spelling Out Life... with Family

Everyone says family of the same blood watches out for you,
but I beg to differ.

Everyone says family of the same blood takes care of you, rain or shine,
but I beg to differ.

Everyone says family of the same blood supports you,
but I beg to differ.

Everyone says family of the same blood loves you,
but I beg to differ.

Everyone says family of the same blood builds you up,
but I beg to differ.

Everyone says family of the same blood sticks together,
but i beg to differ.

Everyone says family of the same blood is inseparable,
but I beg to differ.

Everyone says family of the same blood grows together,
but I beg to differ.

Everyone says family of the same blood spends time together,
but I beg to differ.

What do I agree in?

Family doesn't make up of the same bloodline. They don't. Family is made up from a group of individuals of different races, characters, looks, weights etc, that support, care, grow together, spend time together and love one another. That is what I call family. I realized I have more families than I could imagine and asked for, want to know why? My fellow bloodlines are strangers to me, literally. If I could name one disappointment in life, it would be having fellow bloodlines that doesn't care or love you as a person. They know your existence but they couldn't be bothered about your being. When you stick to them, care for them emotionally, spiritually and physically, in the end, what do you get? Not even one support. Not even one! Okay, maybe one or two supports, can't deny that. But when you are totally in need, they are gone. Like KAPPOOOOOSH! BAM! "I'M OUTTA HERE!" or "SEE YA, DON'T WANNA BE YA"

Therefore, I thank God for the families I have all around Malaysia. :) They have been nothing but nice to me and love me like their own. :) thank you from the deepest bit of my heart! :) If there's "World Family Day", I'd call each one of you just to say THANK YOU! :)

My mood now is disappointment.

Somehow, a friend of mine: Choudhry, comes in the picture right now, to remind me to let go. Though he doesn't know what I'm going through right now, I think God sends him to bless me with the song "Irisdescent" :) Wanna know what the lyric says?

"Do you feel cold and lost in desperation?
You build up hope, but failure's all you've known.
Remember all the sadness and frustration,
And let it go,
Let it go."


thank You LORD for always being here with me through different individuals... :) I shall be glad and know I'm loved by YOU, him and my other foster families.. :)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Spelling Out Life... with Redang Lang Tengah


I really thank my Daddy God for giving me opportunity to go for a vacation on an island, where I've not been to. I've been wishing to go to a private island before and my dream has come through! THANK YOU LORD!!! :))))) I also want to thank Him for giving me the time to create friendships with different bunch of people in college! The 3days 2 nights, from 10-12th of May, in Redang Lang Tengah were awesome as we went for snorkeling, karaoke-ing, volley-balling and food-feeding 24/7. the boring part was the meeting. Hahahaha. Hmph! I've grown big after that! LOL.

And the thing about the island, it is gorgeous! Imagine going for a honeymoon with your dearly beloved there! FUYOOOOO!! LOL. 2-3resorts on the island some more! Speaking about complete privacy, the phone coverage there can be rather sucky, so those who really wants peace and quiet moments with the nature, you can swim your way there. :) It's beautiful, quiet and serene. There's BLUE CORAL too! muhohohohoh! :D

K la, let the pictures drool you. :D or you drool after looking. :D or maybe not. :D

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Spelling Out Life... with Struggles with Cash

internal struggles with finance security really hits me big time. I'm pissed at myself rather than doubting He who will provide myself. I'm still picking things up slowly. I need an account book. I need to start now or I'll forever be a selfish brat who dreams of owning a private jet plane one day.

another struggle after another. I really have to learn to get myself together! right??

hugs joy. hugs.


the weather is killing me. its too humid

Monday, May 9, 2011

Spelling Out Life... with Jom Masuk Universiti 2011

Sitting down reminiscing the moments I had, with my JAKSA colleagues and SMK Seri Tangkak Johor Students, is creating that solemn emotion one always have after certain situation. I really thank God for every wee bit of struggles, joy and tears that I had whilst handling the programme. :) I thank God for the strengthening of friendships, newly formed friendships and new experiences (PLAYING M-16!!)

Preparing for the programme was not an easy task for me la. Writing more than 10 letters in a short period wasn't fun, making proposals, having proposals being rejected, letters being rejected etc etc.. I cried coz I hate secretarial job before this but after all those struggles, I learn to develop a sense of management in handling little little things and hey, I never knew being a secretary is actually very easy! LOL!

During the programme, 6th-8th of May 2011, I realized that I can be VERY strict to people. yes, STRICT. Hahahahaha... I punished the students the squat-stand(what do people call this again?) 30-40times because they were deliberately late. LOL. I even left, yes, LEFT, my ajk because he slept in his room! waited for him 20mins in the scorching hot weather wasn't fun. LOL. Nonetheless, we apologized to one another soon after and we're okay with it.

That was the strict side of me, but of course, Joy GL wasn't made to be all evil and all. I think I still have my maternal love instinct in me the whole time. LOL. I was in charge with the students' welfare and health and I tell you, it was FUN! So many people had sick, fever, scratches, bruised, scars etc etc on the second day. LOL. I learnt back on first aid through Wan Zairul Azri. :) Awesome friend and leader he is! :) I learnt to shift people's attention off the injuries they have too. :) Pretty good thing to do if one is injured.. For example, this girl cried big time after she accidentally cut her palm, LOL... (dont laugh), as I took out the medicine out from the F.A.K., I quickly asked her "hey... do you have siblings? how old are they?" and her reaction was puzzling. HAAHAHAHA.. "huh? ermm... *still sobbing mode* I have 5. and uhm, *sobbing lessen* the eldest is uh... 34. and uh... *stop crying* the second one ah, 30 lor.. blaa bla bla". Geez, I should have taken nursing instead of teaching last time. LOLL...

The students that I came to know personally kan, they are really innocent and they are hungry for more knowledge if the school learn to get to know this people. Some of them really taught me a lot about life, just by talking to me about their families, their interests, their friends, teachers and about themselves.. Their characters varies and they are great bunch of kids! :) Thank God for the chances of getting to know them, encouraging them and blessing them with whatever I had.

oh! One thing for sure, I hate the school system. I HATE IT. Some of you who knows me well, rarely hate something or people right? yea, the school system really pisses me off. REALLY PISSES ME OFF.

The best part of all, I prayed with 4 other Christian students before they left. :) We prayed for their exams and studies, their friends studies, their families etc. :) The funniest departure was when a girl cried when I hugged her.. She said these in chinese "Sis, thank you for taking care of me. I'm going to miss you. I really hope we can meet again.. and please dont tell my teacher I cried again. she'll post in the school news wan.." hahaahahahahahaahahahahaah.... then I called her teacher and she went "WEEEIIIIII JIEEE!!!!! BU YAOO!!!!" hahahahahaa..

but above all, the most encouraging words for me was when Teacher Suhaila said "Joy, I hope you'll be a great teacher next time. You'll be great one next time" :) and another photog teacher said "Joy, thanks for everything. You'll make a great teacher one day."


all in all, what new things I experienced the whole time?
- Ushering YB.
- Playing M-16 (shot 3 cans within 25m distance!!!!!)
- walked 4-5km of hills and curves within an hour. HAHAHAHA.. punya lambat...
- Staying in Markas Palapes, pretty neat stuff! :) Fun too!
- Bonding with my new batch of JAKSA people was great as well!
- Showing Gadoh to the non-muslim students and encouraging them to respect one another etc.. :)

k la, k la, lunch time. hugs!