Sunday, October 9, 2011

Spelling Out Life... with Encouragement

"The work of the Holy Spirit is Mine, and they will come to completion. The work I've started in you will be done."

...somehow.. I feel like, If I quit TESL, I sense the consequence of disobedience is heavy... hahahaha.. I shall be glad that I'm on the right track. :D

Spelling Out Life... with October!


October is here. :)

Reason why I love it this month is that NO MORE ORIENTATION! Hahahaha... Honestly, doing a one-month orientation program is insane. INSANE, I tell you. With all the meetings, talks, long speeches by idontknowwho and unnecessary events for a month, those really drained me out! BIG TIME! There's not a week where I've not cried out to Him and said "DADDY, THIS IS STUPID. REALLY.. I CAN'T DO THIS!" Well, after a month has passed, I made it through. He carried me through all the times where I cried myself to sleep and stressed out over all these. In the quiet times, He said "Hold on. You are strong." and that made me even sadder because I'm not!

and lo, I remembered this scene as I was interviewed by a lady of God... A senior, Chen May, spoke words of encouragement to me as she sent me back to UKM. "Joy, through all the times that you feel terrible and yet you made it through really well, it was when the Holy Spirit in you works. It was when you gave yourself up to allow Him to work through you." I guess it's true... God has been working in me. :) Last month was hell, but I met more angels than I have before. Last month I cried a lot more than I have in this year, but I was lifted up by these angels. :)

The beginning of this month, however, as I learn to fix my eyes on Him, I realized of His presence in whatever things I do. He never fails to teach me a lot of new things and He blessed me with the love that is ever faithful. :)

This month, He helped me out in the presentations that my groups are working on and my lecturers liked it! :) Yey! He brought people into my life that I could learn my hospitality skills. :) He made me spend time with my PERKEB family and I had fun. :) He brought me friends that stood by me when my days are bad. :) He brought me out for tons of makan sessions and random outings with all my beloveds. :)

day 9 and I'm glad that He's a cool faithful God. :)

A week has passed, and I'm looking forward for this week! :)