Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Spelling Out Life... with Counting m Blessings

Up to 17th day of 2012.

I've been blessed with :

1. just enough financial aid to last me for this month.

2. a once in a lifetime chance of being able to be in the new KTM's driver coach from Midvalley to Serdang. LOL. I've never been in a train's driver coach before and to have the chance to see how the driver operates a whole train is pretty cool. Kesian the driver though.. AND I realized there are actually cameras in the coaches! hahaahahaha...

3. friends where I can constantly pour my hospitality skills on to, especially to the juniors around me. WHICH I've never really do much.

4. Paul that always be there for me at whatever cost, though we may quarrel till the next day.
5. friends where I can talk my secrets or where I can rant or where they always support me emotionally. Namely Michelle, Livan, etc.

6. a chance to stay in the college for free for 2 semesters though the responsibilities that come along are shitty. HAHA.

7. Paul's family for planning my semester break HAHAAHAHAHA...

8. a new experience with Wai Wai to go for London Weight Management and undergo the steaming room-wrapping in plastic while being on a warm plate-wrapping on velcro with infrared heat vibrator pad. hahahahahaahahahahahahah..

9. studied for a shitty sub that I love practicing but exam wise, I think I just failed it just now.

10. a new therapeutic Gingko Akemi Pillow, bought by Paul. HEHEHEH..

11. encouragement from friends.

12. daily experiences that trains me to be patient and be grateful of whatever I have.

13. the confidence to answer 4 essays in 50 mins. HAHAHAH. that was really God speed and the answers just came in nonstop! HAH! how awesome is that!

14. the chances to spend time with people more WHILE watching series! like dying Ben's hair and Rachel's hair!

15. the chance to bless my close friend Qila her belated 21st birthday with a simple makan-makan. :)

16. the chance to play zumba! HUAHUAHUAHUA... :P

17. the chance to slowly change Paul's style. HAHAHAHA...

18. the chance of my parents being so nice to me everyday.

19. the chance to go to Gynae Clinic in the Serdang Hospital.

20. the chance to discover my badminton skills are better this year. HAH! :D AND I get to gang up with Paul for the time as a sport partner! Pretty good team I might say! :D

21. the chance to have Pr Daniel speaking to us Paul about the relationship. HAHAHAHAHHA.. It was realllyyyyy stressing me up instead of stressing paul out. ahahahahhaahah... but its a good lesson from my spiritual daddy Daniel! :D I'll face more whacking from him along this year. HAHAHAHAHAHAAHH.. prepare Joy, prepare!!!!!

22. the chance to be anticipating the moment where I'll meet MICHELLE HEE!!!!!! hahahaahahahahahaha.. She's coming soon!

Thank You Daddy God for blessing me so far.. :) I'll keep on counting my blessings

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Spelling Out Life... with Emo Period

I'm stressing out over unnecessary issue. Why? I haven't gotten my period for a long long time now. AND NO, it has nothing to do with me being pregnant!

And guess what, I just found out I was born alongside a frigging tumor in the womb! LOL... I think I'll be dead in my mum's womb if my body isn't strong. Hah! Thank GOD!!!! LOL..

so yes, at the end of the day, I inherited my mum's period and I'll be having it until I get my menopause. T.T Sad ba... on top of being less emotional to people around me, people will surely think I have sex just cause I have a boyfriend hence, the no-period thing. T.T I shall gladly say no to that assumption, for I respect our Lord's command of no sex before marriage. the end to that. BUT, I'M STILL SAD COZ I INHERITED MY MUM'S PERIOD....... I was growing alongside a frigging tumor for 9 months!!!!!! wth. you see, if she has it, most likely I'll face the same thing! AND she got operated a month just to remove the tumor after i was born! I wasn't a breast-milked kid! you see! T.T

SOOOOOO SADD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I feel like a retard. an emotional retard that doesn't have any hormone in her ovaries. T.T


i wanna cry.


DADDY God, whatever it is, please make cycle normal? thanks. :( I emo dy... :(

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Spelling Out Life... with Bible Class

I went to Epiphany Class last Sunday. Banyak la saya belajar, pasal Epiphany is actually a sudden realization thing that you experience--- for instance: "BINGO!" or "AHA!" or "NOW WE'RE GETTING SOMEWHERE"

My teacher -- Mama Judith, an ex atheist-buddhist-freethinker-hindust-pagan, taught us about the birth of Jesus Christ as an epiphany to the whole universe and yea, one thing I brought back was "Those who met Jesus or even heard of Jesus, even at his infant age, their lives are never the same again!"


Do u notice that?

There's a group that denies His existence, another group that accepts His existence, another group that deny His teaching, another group that couldn't be bother about this man called Jesus Christ, which is the way, the truth and the Life!

Even the Magi HAD to use another way back to their country after they met Jesus! How awesome is that? Another way! They didn't go back the same way, why is that? The LORD spoke to them and had them trusting Him to carry them back to where they are supposed to share about the kid Jesus! Hah! Cool, isn't it?

OHHHH... one thing I learnt as well, THE MAGI DIDN'T COME TO VISIT JESUS WHEN MARY GAVE BIRTH. hahahahahahahahaahhaha... all those years, watching the christmas plays, i feel so cheated. ahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahaha...

1 resolution down. :D

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Spelling Out Life... with Zumba Fitness!

Alyssa brought her Zumba Fitness party for me to try out. HAHA

and guess what, after 45mins, I looked like someone who came out of a pool!

AND the funniest part, David Leong and I had the first 10mins session together. LAWAK TO THE MAXX!!! hahahahahaahah....

it was a damn good workout! Perhaps, I should I do it again on Monday to release stress! Hahaha..


- typing this is beginning to be hard as my abs, obliques are starting to be in pain!!!!!!!!! omgggggggg..... hahahahahahahaha

-first time Zumba-ing and I'm at awe how far I went! hahahaahahahahaah

Spelling Out Life... with serving

I think I want to be a sunday school teacher this year.

Spelling Out Life... with a ring

I could choose.
I have known him.
and I always love.
or not.
anyhow you may perceive it.

I love you for so many reasons.
yet I see you getting further now.

I love you for an unknown reason.
yet I see it in your eyes too. Incomplete.

I love you for both unknown yet many reasons.
yet I am to believe in it.

When it finally rings,
which will you answer to?

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Spelling Out Life... with 2012 Resolution!


I had a weird thought today, when Pr Daniel spoke, I couldn't get why the image of me speaking in front of the pulpit arose. Hmmm... I don't know if I'll ever get to that position. :)

here's my new resolution!!!!

1. Get 65kg before March 29. HAHAAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA...
2. Get 60 BEFORE 21st July. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
3. Use a book to catat all my minutes in the meeting and stick to it.
4. Help out in Usher and help Bro. Mark and Sis Rojo in their field.
5. Do minimum of 1 good deed to a person every week.
6. Read finish a book of the bible once a month, which means minimum of 12 books this year.
7. Join the Bible class in church, and never skip!
8. Go Singapore. :) Just a simple trip would do, Lord. :)
9. Learn about finance management and apply it.
10. Join UKM MPP and run for Election. if CAN.
11. Learn to apply TESL theories in the things I do. :)
12. Bless the canteen people and office with at least a cake a year.
13. Spend more time getting to know people instead of watching more tv series alone. :)
14. Slow to speak and quick to listen.
15. Go to new places and try new food in the same old restaurants! hahaha!
16. Bless my parents monthly financially, if I can afford to.

I guess that's about it this year. LOL.

Lord, I have no idea how on earth I'm able to do all these in this year, but carry me through k?


Spelling Out Life... with 2012

New Year, Day 1

Lord, I commit the rest of my days in 2012 unto Your hands. Whatever that I do or say, may Your artwork be seen in them. I commit every relationships that I'm going to build throughout the year, may Your love and compassion be seen in them. I commit another semester of my JAKSA to You, may You teach me whatever I need to learn to grow. I commit my other commitments with church and CF unto Your hands, be with me as I want to give my best to You.

Lord, as my new year resolution is going to be renewed, I pray that You grant me Your vision and passion to run the race of faith once again.

In Jesus name,