Monday, July 26, 2010

Spelling out Life... with Singing Competition

First time in life, I joined a singing competition! WOOT! WOOT!

It was a small event in my Faculty's Teacher's Day, pretty small event, so I said to myself,

"Hey, no harm right?"


Few days after that decision-making,

Sek Kuan said "You should sing Stupid Cupid!"

Ah Yen, Isabel and the rest were only nodding their heads.


so YEA,

I sang Stupid Cupid on the 27th July of 2010

with 8 contestants (SEE! TOLD YOU ITS SMALL)!


I think I was the only person who sang happy-beaty-funny song WHILE the rest was singing voice challenging-lovey dovey-motivational-sad song.

and my funny work paid off by getting a Consolation Prize. :D


Come to think of it, I'd want to go for an audition in One In A Million next time.



Saturday, July 24, 2010

Spelling out Life... with Forum Alam SekitaR IV

*okay, this is just a random photo I picked from google. Lol*

Congratulation to UKM representatives, who are my college's juniors: Mohd Amirull, Farah Adilah, Mohd Imran and Muhd. Khuzaifah, for winning 2nd Runner Up for UPSI Forum Alam Sekitar Inter-Varsity Tournament! You guys are the best! :) Continue to work hard fr the college and make the Biro Akademik proud! :D

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Spelling out Life... Malaysia Guinness Book of Record

we're confirmed!
Watch us at Dewan Gemilang, UKM.
7.08.10, 7PM.
watch us online.

Spelling out Life... with Cooking + Malaysia Guinness Book of Record

Liza is planning to hook me up with her for this Try Masak Malaysia Guiness Book of Record Cooking thingy at Dewan Gemilang, UKM. LOL!!
Let's see if we can do it. LOL.

Spelling out Life... with my loss

Oh, did i tell u I lost my whole manicure set?
I mourned for days.

can anyone get me a turquoise colour nail colour as a present? :D

Spelling out Life... with Door Open

i hate vulnerability.


i know i need to do it.

you would understand, i know you would.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Spelling out Life... with JAKSA [updated]

Let's create a story of His grace every week. :D

Let's start off my semester with a BANG of tears. Literally! LOL... Early of the week, I lost my friend's stuff, prayed and cried my way through, but I found my friend's stuff after 3 days. I stressed about my biro planning, God brought me awesome Vice-Principal and Felo to help me out after 3 days. I was worried about debaters, God blessed me with tons of debaters coming for the first training after 3 days. OH! He blessed me with 3 days of rest after all that had happened. :D Amazingly weird ha? But most importantly, God has blessed me constant unconditional support, patient and love from Cedric along with awesome friends and seniors (Varreni, Su-Jian, Sekkuan, Isabel etc) for the whole time, not just 3 days. :) They had been patient enough to hear my complaints, my tears, my worries, my stupid actions and yes, my joy too. At the end of the week, I had a blast with my friends of the same College (namely: Wai Wai, Wan and Chong Yen)! We spent our time in Mines for Inception the movie and had lunch at Nando's. :D Oh Yes! I finally met my churchmates (after 3weeks long!) and my long lost friend, Suren (after a year plus). :D
I cried, I had insomnia, I laughed and I enjoyed life.
All cause He carried me through the rough seas and green valley.

Spelling out Life... with ASEAN Universities Orchestra show

This is my first orchestra show! :D
No longer an orchestra virgin.
oh, they are combination of the Phillippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Brunei and Malaysia.

Here's me and my awesome new bunch of friends. LOL. minus Wan, the one holding a jacket, he is my friend since I was 13. :D

bottom line: we LOVE it. :D

Spelling out Life... with Orientation Week 2010/2011

After long long hours of going through semi-BTN PC camps, dreading talks and endless meetings, orientation week of 2010/2011 was over! :D

Let me share the highlights of the whole process of preparing for this orientation week!

In Camp Agro for PC Camps in Setiu, Terengganu, I made awesome friends who were my LDK mates! Really awesome bunch of people. They are Roopini (the Nutritionist), Chua (the BioMEDIC), Alvin (the PMUKM), Syed (the JAKSA of Kerohanian of KBH), Teo (the Quiet one), Ewa (the Loving one), Nea (the Baby of the group), Mimi (the Eldest), Lukman (the Sports one) and uh, the last one, he TALKS alot and I don't recall his name. But he was the best guy in our team! So let us categorize him under the name the Funny one. :D

Technically I fell under the label "the Opposition one" just because of my favourite leader is not from the government side. Cool huh? An "opposition" in a government camp. :P

then Orientation Week 2010/2011 of UKM started! :D

1 word - CRAZY!


Nonetheless, the debaters under Luqman Hakim and my care got into top 30 debaters (out of 98) and a team of them got 2nd in the Vice-Chancellor Cup Debate Tournament! HOW AWESOME WAS THAT?? :D

So yea, just to update you all bout my orientation week. :D

Being a PC is fun.

You get to impact people in a way that you'll never know. :)