Thursday, September 30, 2010

Spelling out Life... with manja

I wonder how can the spouses of the youngest child can handle their spouse??
Punya la me ni mengada like anything n attention-seeker type. So sad wei.
I wonder why la I end up with a guy who is the opposite of me????!! ahahahahaahahahahah..
partly tension, partly awesome. LOL. seriously!
tension much when I don't get the stupid attention that I wanted. partly awesome is when I get attention when I dont need them and when I learn to be less dependent on people. HAHAAHAHAHAHA..

susah susah.
kesusahan itu sebahagian dari kehidupan.
calie ba saya ni.

Love is a battlefield.

Spelling Out Life... with Public Speaking Competition

Going to train 'em now.
My college's junior whom I prefer calling them Friends.
They are awesome bunch of people, if u ask me.
I thank God for every moment that I'm with them.
God never fails to amaze me with the new skills they are making or ME having.
Through them,
i learnt patience, tons of wisdom and grace.
Through them,
I polish up my counseling skills, time management, teaching skills and lame-ness skills.
but most of all, I learn to grow every time that they are around.

On the 2nd and 3rd, Mat is going to represent the college and UKM for a Public Speaking Competition. *sikit lagi mau tulis pubic speaking.. ahahhahahahaahahahahahaha * honestly, I have no idea on how to train people for public speaking. He'll be my first guinea pig. XD But like I said earlier on, I learn rite? yes, this is a learning process. I'm TRYING my best on not to be blind and guide the blind. LOL.

Do pray that I'll manage him well. :)

Another competition is on the 9th of Oct.. Mat, Wai Wai and Chong Yen are competing in KTDI. I'm not sure AGAIN on how to train them. LOL.

Dear Lord,
Hear my prayer... Send me help from everywhere to teach me to train my friends on how to give a good show on the competitions... I'm new in this whole thing. I know I did compete twice in primary school and ALL i could remember was the style that I was taught on. Why does only that side of memory comes up? why? Teach me oh Lord on how to do this. I commit all these 3 competitions unto your hands, I ask that You guide me through that I may be able to train them according to Your Will. Give me the sufficient help to build them up according to Your ways. I ask that through these competitions, I may be able to bring You Glory. I'm not doing this for my own name, but for Your glory. I'm poor in mind and skills but You are rich enough to carry my friends and I far in the competition. Thank You Lord for the opportunities given to build our character. Thank You for the joy and fun moments, the stress times too. LOL. Thank You Lord, In Jesus' name, amen.


Monday, September 27, 2010

Spelling out Life... with sighness

today marks one year.
Dear Uncle Hajok, you've been lovely and a great blessing to many.
I miss you. I'm sad. I dono why are you so dear to me. but I thank God for that. :)

*been emotional the whole day. i miss my friends -- Sek kuan, Liza, Varreni, Michelle, Livan and Sherlyn dearly.*

Monday, September 20, 2010

Spelling Out Life... with a CAR

I prayed for a car,
Caroline Lee can be my witness.
I told her about my thoughts.
I told her my worries and my excitement.
worries in term of finance-more responsibilities.
excitement in giving more blessings for others.

and yes,
I finally got it.
and I'm scared. LOL.
and I'm glad.

Dear Lord, thank You for the blessings, thank You for the car, thank You for the trust that You put in my hand now. But Lord, I commit this car unto Your hands. I pray that it'll be a blessing to You and Your ministries. I don't want it to be a reason of irresponsibility and I want to grow even closer to You with the presence of this car. Let it be a vessel of blessings. Carry me throughout the whole usage Lord. I know not how to handle a car but You do, teach me via friends. Give me wisdom. Give me grace, humility, love and a servanthood heart as I have this car. I surrender each part of this car unto Your hands. Use it Lord for Your glory. :) In Jesus' name, amen. :)

Ps: This car is not my car but it has the same design, colour and uh, my rims are silver and red, instead of pink? LOL. I love my new baby. :)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Spelling out Life... with Bad Friend

I think I've been sucky as a friend. Sigh.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Spelling out Life... with Offer!!!

LOL, 2 nights ago, I served a customer and his family dinner.. and in return, he asked for me and asked if I wanted to work as a HR person in his company! hahahahaha. Sadly, I have to decline. LOL.

But thank you Lord. :)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Spelling out Life... with Overseas Stuff

*ranting mode*

Okay, I feel envious of those that are able to go overseas and study!!!!!
LOL. the fact that they are able to go venture around new places, see new faces, do new things, have different study style, and may even experience new things like snow etc etc, makes me a lil green on the eyes. LOL. SIGH. why can't I be sponsored by any institute or relatives like any of my friends?

Reasons? glad enough to entertain you...

#1 I'm not that smart to get straight As or near straight As to get sponsored by any institutes.
#2 the fact that i'm from an average family, I can't afford expensive universities internationally.
#3 the fact that i'm a mediocre in my studies or social life, I think i suit better in Malaysia cause of the lifestyle. sigh.

hahahahahahaahahahaha. *gila mode*

Kesian kan me? stuck here. they say the other side is greener than our side. or some sort like that. I think it's somewhat true in some sense la. Better quality in service, tougher exams, higher quality of exam level, good food etc etc... SIGH. I feel like complaining why i'm still stuck here. WHY. hahahahahahaa.. Yes, remind me of the 3 reasons again. xP


*ranting mode ends*

Well, aside from the top 3 reasons, I think I know why I'm still back in Malaysia. :) God knows my character more than I. I know deep down I'll still have a huge spot of my country home in my heart. I know I'll miss malaysia a few months after being in such a super nicer way cooler country. I still remember when I was in Sydney for near 2 months, I was slightly bored coz there's no friends around, no friendly faces, tight on budget etc etc. I love the whole atmosphere but I sense of no homey-lovey thingling thing in my heart. heh. :) I'd love vacations overseas but anything longer than 2 weeks, I'll think about it? LOL. Yea, I love Malaysia. No matter how terrible it is in corruptions, how slow are the services, how terrible is the service but my families of hundreds and friends that are uncountable and the future that I'm longing for for Malaysia are keeping me safely tucked in the local ground... Perhaps, I may want to move to any parts of the Asean countries, one day. Say Phillippines? (is that a correct speeling?) I have this soft spot for the kids there for years now! heh. I might settle down there if I love it there. :) But of course, that has to depend on God's will. :)

*prayer mode*

Dear Lord, I pray that I'm able to go the Phillipine one day and serve you there for as long as you want me to. :) Oh, if it's Your will, please put the same vision in the heart of my loved ones and -the one- so that we can work this out in Your name. if not now, maybe later la, also can. take Your time. LOL!!! :) thank you Lord. :))))) In Jesus' name, amen. :) I love You God. :)

*manja mode*


Spelling out Life... with Thoughts

thinking a lot about people lately.. :) Here are those that come to mind...

Some of them will go Gossip Girl in their small town, where they'll go clubs, get wasted and laugh their way through.

Some of them will go sex-ing here and there, knowing that it's okay doing it in the public.

Some of them will go flirt around with their friends, when they know the spouses are somewhere far, but within limit.

Some of them will always remain beautiful no matter where they go cause they're just perfect. Beautiful, handsome, smart, caring, strong humor, chillax type, independent, strong and perfect.

Some of them will continuously seeking God for guidance, help and just want to be in His presence.

Some of them will just go to holy places (church, mosque, temples etc) just to warm the bench.

Some of them will laugh like nobody's business/complain like nobody's business etc etc.

Some of them will get addicted over certain things (shopping, cars, gadgets etc).

Some of them will be either remain rich or poor (physically, mentally or emotionally)

Some of them will be hoping that true love exist or will just hope hate revolves around them. Either way, it works in this world.. :)

Some of them will remain a control freak/calm peaceful type/jolly type/leader type.

We are one of these, that makes this world interesting, beautiful in fact. :) Work with what we have and the world will work with you. :)

oh, to end my random useless post, I realize that i've gained A LOT of weight. pronto.


Monday, September 6, 2010

Spelling out Life... with Working Part Time


guess where??






Hellu Boss, I'm now a part of Mr Roger's staff. Ngehehehehe.. Like a star on stage, we must entertain the audience aka customer with our best. YYEEEERRRRRRRRRR..... BAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA..

K la, first day was tiring but fun. XD I had a "buddy" called Johan, friendly guy. :D K la, ASSIGNMENT TIME. LOL. NITE LOVEs~

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Spelling out Life... with Dreams

Miss Joy's dreams

1. to have 1 school is build in every 3-4neighbourhoods.

2. Hire outsiders to check money flaunderings in EVERY government ministries.

3. Be the country's leader, in a tiny way? Teacher is good. :D

4. Be in the Education Ministry. :)

5. Open my house to broken souls.
They are nothing big but start dreaming small. It'll work in His timing.

Spelling out Life... with Inter-Group HX Debate Tournament

Have I mentioned that I organized 2 debate tournaments in the college?

Yea I did. 1 was easy, another is like hell. Literally.

Day 1 : I was asked to organize a debate tournament for the HX juniors for their co-curricular evaluation thing.. I disagreed due to my Inter-Block debate ongoing. HOWEVER, Head Felo said BY HOOK OR BY CROOK, it had to be done under my bureau. My Biro's Felo had to give in.

Day 2: I briefed the PC HX about the debate. It was simple? They kept quiet. Bad Sign? Yes. *I never knew it was THAT bad* I came out with random debate motions.

a) THW support same sex marriage.

b) THW support death penalty

c) TH bans cosmetic surgery

something2 la. i couldn't remember.

Day 3 (actual day) : things were still okay during the day. but it suck big time on the tournament round. thank God for ISABEL, CHUMAN DEV and JEREMY for coming to support. I'd die if they weren't there.


1. MANY TEAMS registered late

2. Adjudicators got irrated for the late registration

3. CERTAIN faculty's students were demonstrating (aka MOGOK) cause the 1st motion is TOO SENSITIVE for them to do.

4. Felos were blaming me for forcing them to send in First-Years. (?????? right??)

Day 4 (tuesday): I cried whole day. I had the worst day in this semester, UNDENIABLY true. A felo came and said that I was at wrong for doing this and that and how I should do this and that, which I respected her for telling me personally la. BUT, she added that OTHER felos were REALLY angry at me for the whole tournament aka refer to point 4 and point 3. LOL. I didn't get the idea of doing something for them yet got pissed at for doing something. Oh yea, just as requested by the felo to make a KIDDY LEVEL motion, I did. So I came out with "TH thinks Siti Nurhaliza is better than Britney Spears". So much of a university students. Gah.

Day 5 (Wed): I picked myself up. I screw those who didn't come for debate. the FELO that got angry at me, removed her teams that went to Quarter from the tournament. So much for professionalism and having game spirit. Today was okay? Everyone appeared. ALMOST. Lol. there were 3 teams backing out. In return, the other teams have to fight among their own team. SORRY. Don't blame me, I wasn't the one backing out last minute, the system has chosen u guys to compete with one another. so YEA.

Day 6. (Thurs): I was THAT happy. :D HELL WAS OVER. Semifinal was FUN. really fun. I love every moment of it. :) Finals went well too. :) Thank God for the awesome committees that helped me through it all. May God bless them all. :) They have been there the whole time, so I'm THAT thankful to God. :)

Overall, my own 10 lessons?

1. Go kiddy on certain group of people. One who acts like a child, treat 'em like a child.

2. Go discuss with the felos for everything.

3. Be prepared to cry if u plan to change the world of certain minds.

4. Trust your committees with the whole process.

5. Believe God will carry you through in the midst of tears and hell.

6. Screw the voices that don't matter. Listen yes, but never be fooled.

7. I learn to organize a debate tournament! heck, when can u possibly do it again?? HAHAHAHA

8. Learn to forgive those who brings u down. Cry if you have to but forgive too. :)

9. Smile in the midst of the sour faces.

10. I learn that everything happens for His Glory although I sweared, I cried, I hurt and I was broken in the midst of it. :D

What to cherish?

1. friends that helped me. (My Biro's AJKs, debater friends, PERKEB people for their endless encouragement)

2. the whole process of running a tiny event.

3. the advices from my Biro's felo and MT Academic. :)

4. the smile I have after the whole thing finishes!!

5. the patience I have after the whole process. :DD

Spelling out Life... with Inter-Block Debate Tournament

pow pow wow wow.

It ended.

Thank You AWESOME COMMITTEES that helped out.


Congrats to Girls Junior BLOCK B that won. :)
-Love always,
Jaksa Akademik.

Spelling out Life... with God's Love

hah. :)

I really believe God works with my roommate and I.
Lately we ate a lot, we laughed a lot and laughed more, I think.

Thank you Lord.

You guys out there should try praying for relationships. :)
God helps. at His own timing. :)

Spelling out Life... with Mcd&Durians



Funny experience with the roomate, Miss Esther + Mami Varenni + Su Jian + Caroline!!

Ah yes, we went for sport and I sprained my right thumb. THAT'S WHY I NEVER LIKE PLAYING BASKETBALL! =.=" I love WATCHING but not PLAYING the game.

After makan MCD, I sang this random chinese song, then everyone were trying hard to IGNORE ME. So I kept on singing whatever chinese words that were popping out until the point where there were sudden *SMACK a GAZILLION TIME* by Miss Esther. HAAHAHAHAHAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAAHAHAH

You should have seen her annoyance.



our conversation in MCD and durian were crazy overall. :)

oh, Durian was good. banyak daging wei. XD

Blessed Day!


Friday, September 3, 2010

Spelling Out Life... with me&typing

I dislike to type using phones.
I have this poor muscles around my fingers.
I hate the feeling of my thumbs getting tired after texting people.
I dislike replying ppl's msgs too often.
Don't know why, but I love to drop by once in a while though...
Weird kan?
if only there's a phone that has a virtual keyboard that I can use ALL my fingers
that would BE SOOOO GREAT.
I love to check my facebook msgs-walls-email etc.
But I dislike replying using my phone.
Tired much. my thumbs will get ache at the end of the day.
Even Cedric finds it annoying when i suddenly stop replying him after awhile. HAHAHAHAHAJAJAJAAJAAJAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH
He can only chat with me normally when I'm online and goes "YOU DIDN'T REPLY MY SMS! (again)" and his expression will be =.=""""""
Too bad, I prefer talking face to face.
I guess that explains why huh.

Oh, I dislike replying spamming wall too. LOL.
I tend to leave the wall after a few people started to "talk" there.
I love to comment once or twice but more than that, i'll go "urgh"
Don't judge me. I just dislike it.

So bottom line,
I love to talk or listen rathan texting(sms, fb-replying).


Spelling Out Life... with My Heart

My heart is meat
Raw and alive

All for the work of the body.

My heart is meat
Bleeding and pumping

All for the love by you.

- Joy Gracia Liso