Sunday, September 13, 2009

Spelling Out Life... With Political parties and Alcohol

I couldn't grasp the ideas of PAS wanting to ban-or-thinking-of-any-related-words-to-banning liquor in Pakatan places...

why can't they leave it be? People have been drinking and NONE made noises bout it since forever. Why can't they focus more on the MORE important issues like helping the poor or give education to people? Liquor is not the BIG issue here. Just because Muslims have the special rights 153, which I respect, THAT doesn't mean you leaders can be so extremist about it, be so overrated about it.


Why focus on minor things? Just because the Muslims might be tempted by liquor, that doesn't mean they can't face that? A person who is of faith have faith that they will run the race of faith diligently. Doesn't all religions face temptations? But DO YOU see any of them go and propose any ideas to ban all the temptations? No right? My my... If all men were to be tempted by the pornography, tempted by electronic goods, EVEN BY WOMAN, tell me, are YOU going to ban those things? :) THINK WISELY. Are not all worldly things are forms of temptations if you didn't watch out for your eyes? :)

So think again, dear politicians,
some things are just minor,
why waste time?

Live in respect,
Choose unity at all times.
That is the story.

Spilling Out of Words,