Monday, July 15, 2013

Spelling out Life... with the angry sour puss

I am angry at myself. I wish I could die. Leaving my faith for a month is making me a different person that people say "that's not the joy i know". I'm pretty much fucked up inside. I'm angry for no apparent reason. I HATE myself right now. I blame others for my own faults. I hate myself for being so stupid and shallow. I hate myself for being so annoying. I hate myself for being a burden to many. I hate everything that is bugging me. I am so pissed at everyone and everything. I am a loner. I want to be alone. I want to fuck my life. i love swearing. i have been swearing a lot lately. I feel very sien. SIEN. mcb. Im pissed. leaving the big man up there is fucking my life up. I cant even say his name or even name him as someone i should be looking up to.

ahhhhhh.. mcb! screw me. screw everyone around me. i hate this post. fucking ass post.

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