Thursday, December 29, 2016

Spelling Out Life... with Marriage

Hey guys,

I have reached the age where wedding invitation comes. It is a wonderful rejoicing acts of two people coming together and of course, being invited is a great joy to receive as well. So this is an entry about marriage for people who are young, stupid, in love and high in hormones, on top of being a graduate and just starting a job.

I will share more about my journey as a wife in a 2 year marriage journey, yes? Hope you can catch some insights or find hope in my journey! Whatever it is, let LOVE be so evident in you that you may grow in your future marriage!

Let's get started:

Marrying in a Young Age

It is hard as hell. Especially when we are entitled, spoilt, independent and egoistic creature. Yes, dating is great, but living with someone equally as what is mentioned earlier on, you guys are going to be explosive! There are many times I wish I can give up and walk away, secretly wishing someone out there would take me away. Many times, we quarrel over expectations, unmet needs and money. Trust me, it is not a flowery as what the social media deems to be. It is not always perfectly happy ever after, it is not always all love, spooning, cook for the spouse kind. It is not. at all.

I guess being young and stupid and get married... really will teach you how to love like Jesus do. Love is patient, the bible says. Why do you think it is the very first value of what Love should be? Because we are naturally impatient in all things. We want our spouse to be hot and slim, have a lot of money, faithful and even to accomplish what we want etc etc.. we want all those, and when we dont get them, we get all raged up and blame God for bringing the worst for them. Hey, you chose the spouse, so he is signed, sealed and delivered to you, so no refund. HAHAHAHA..

This is where you, as a spouse, need to consciously pray this prayer "Lord, give me enough grace and humility to get through today and open up my eyes to love my husband/wife better today even if I feel like I want to die and kill him/her". Somehow after awhile, God gave me enough strength, perserverance, joy and peace to deal with petty issues and to see things slightly better than before... Somehow things get better communicated and issues are slowly being treated with a lot a lot a lot of grace and mercy. Both of us communicated better, relationship is slowly mending and we laugh more now and we begin to be more forgiving as when the Holy Spirit nudges us more often now.

Believe me, there is a redemption story out of your story. It is beautiful and more rewarding than anything else in this world! It is just the beginning but take heart. have courage. have hope.

My prayer for you would be:

Heavenly Father, as the reader is getting married or planning to have marriage or just starting a marriage, I pray that You work so tremendously in their hearts. Break the entitlement attitude in them, mold them according to how You want them to be, show them the right way to speak to their spouse, teach them to be more gracious towards one another, surround them with Your protection, grow their faith in this journey and most importantly, teach them on how to Your sons/daughter first before being a husband/wife to their spouse. In the areas of fear, remind them of Your faithfulness and grace, in times of temptation, make them flee and walk further.. in times of faithlessness, you bring Your people to walk with them and counsel them. I pray for special blessing of joy, love, peace and faithfulness in your marriage! Take courage and go in love. In jesus name. Amen.

Until then,

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